CESA is directed by a eleven-member Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers elected by a General Assembly of founding members. Board meetings are held on a monthly basis, and the approval of a majority of the Board is required for all major policy decisions. The Chairperson of CESA is also elected by the Board. The General Assembly supervises the activities of the Board, and the Ministry of Social Affairs monitors the organization as a whole. The Ministry reviews CESA’s accounts and conducts regular audits.



Board of Directors

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Azeem
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ismail
Deputy of the Chairperson
Mr. Soliman Mahmoud Farag
Dr. Tamer Shawky Abdel-Moneim
Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Rahim
Mr. Ismail Ali Hatab
Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud Farag
Mr. Hesham Kamel Ahmed El-Sayed
Mrs. Eman Hussein Ibrahim
Mrs. Amal Abdel-Halim Abdel-Latif
Mrs. Hosnia Salem Gomaa

Supportive administrations

Mr. Bassem Ayman Balbol                         Human Resources Administration
Mr. Ahmed Atef Amer                                   Water and Soil Administration
Mrs. Hosnia Omar Awad                            Cultural & Heritage Administration
Mr. Akram Hassan Mohamed                   Mushroom Production Administration
Mr. Alaa El-Din Mohamed Mohamed       Clinical Examination Administration
Mr. Salem Mahmoud                                   Veterinary and Animal Production Administration
Mr. El-Sayed Ismail El-Sayed                    Financial Administration
Mr. Shady Mahmoud Salah                        IT Unit Manager

Most Actors Dealing with the Society

1. South Sinai Governorate.
2. Saint Katherine City Council
3. NGOs in South Sinai and Egypt working in the field of environmental and community services representing over Egypt.
4. Different unions and civil societies.

Mission of the Association

Application of scientific and practical techniques to help the local Bedouins of Saint Katherine and surrounding areas in order to support them with environmental, social and health services to ensure them with a dignified and safe life.

Working Fields of the Society:

- Health care for the family
- Social welfare
- Development of family economy
- Social assistance
- Cultural and scientific services
- Environmental services
- Conservation of culture and heritage