Conference Aims and Objectives

The International Conference on Mycology in MENA (ICM-2018) is the 2nd in an ongoing series of international conferences on Mycology, Fungi and Fungal Biology of Arab Society for Fungal Conservation. The conference aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Mycology, Fungi and Fungal Biology.

ICM Chairman

Prof. Dr. Youssuf Gherbawy
Vice President for Community Services and Environmental Affairs
South Valley University,
Qena, Egypt

ICM General Secretary

Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Azeem
Botany Department,
Faculty of Science,
Suez Canal University,
Ismailia, Egypt

Keynote speakers

Dr. Andreas Bruder

Institute of Earth Sciences,
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland,
Canobbio, Switzerland.

Dr. Angela Orshinsky

Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
Department of Plant Pathology,
University of Minnesota, USA.

Prof. Giovanna Varese

Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology,
University of Turin,
Turin, Italy.

Prof. Meike Piepenbring

Department of Mycology,
Institute for Ecology, Evolution and Diversity,
Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany.

Dr. Vijai Kumar Gupta

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology,
ERA Chair of Green Chemistry,
School of Science,
Tallin University of Technology, Estonia.

The proposed topics of the conference are:

  • Bacterial-fungal interactions,
  • Beneficial and harmful effects,
  • Clinical mycology,
  • Enzymes and their types,
  • Food mycology,
  • Fungal biotechnology,
  • Fungal diversity and conservation,
  • Fungal identification and quantification,
  • Fungal immunology,
  • Fungal pathogens,
  • Fungi and ecosystem functioning,
  • Industrial mycology,
  • Lichens,
  • Medical mycology,
  • Mycotoxicology,
  • Structure and mode of nutrition,
  • Systematics, phylogeny and evolution,
  • Veterinary mycology.