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Forouzan R. SHAFIE

Department of Visual Arts, Faculty of Art and Architecture, Guilan University, Iran


Drawing fungi is one of the joys of mycology, and something that anybody can try. Art has been a part of mycology since earliest times and published in many international journals and books. Line drawings are essential for showing details of fungal structure, whether in a field guide or fungal monographs. Ancient Egyptians produced a number of hieroglyphic depictions of psychedelic mushrooms on temples and through hieroglyphic texts throughout the country. A new attractive tool to raise national and international awareness on fungal conservation is drawing of fungi in many attractive portraits as ancient Egyptians documented them every where. In this occasion, The First International Conference on Fungal Conservation in the Middle East and North of Africa, I participated with these portraits to attract young mycologists in MENA and to apply a new tool for conserving fungi.

Keywords: Ancient Egyptians, tool, paintings, hieroglyphic, awareness.