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Microbial Biosystems is an international scientific journal dealing with all aspects of microbial biology and edited by the Arab Society for Fungal Conservation. Published four times a year, the journal is open to papers dealing with all aspects of Microbial biology, systematics, and ecology. Research studies containing novel and significant findings, from the molecular level to ecosystems are welcome.

Microbial Biosystems Journal (MBJ) has been conceived in consideration of the recent progress in microbial research. An editorial board has been devised to ensure that all the main trends of contemporary microbial biology science are represented. Manuscripts are classified as 'Full Paper', 'Rapid Report' or 'Short Communication'. A Rapid Report is intended for publication, in a concise form, of new and relevant findings. The classification as Rapid Report is determined by the Editor in Chief. A Short Communication (no more than two printed pages) is for a concise but independent report. It is not intended for publication of preliminary results. Review articles are also published, but only upon invitation by the Editor. An international panel of highly qualified referees warrants the highest scientific standard.

Microbial Biosystems Journal is an open access journal publishes microbial researches of local and international interest. We seek reviews, advances in methodology, and original contributions, emphasizing the following areas:
1. A Transcriptomic and Proteomic Approach in Microbial Biology
2. Behavioral ecology
3. Biodeterioration
4. Biodiversity and Conservation
5. Cultural Heritage and Microbes
6. Ecosystem ecology
7. Global change and conservation ecology
8. Human Microbial Interactions
9. Industrial Applications
10. Microbial Ecology
11. Microbial-animal interactions
12. Microbial Biofuels
13. Microbial-plant interactions
14. Physiological Ecology
15. Pollution

Online ISSN (2357-0334)
Print ISSN (2357-0326)

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