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The information concerning the fungi of Egypt is still incomplete and cannot be fully documented without an updated checklist of all taxa reported for the country. The present contribution assesses the diversity of fungi in Egypt.

The present contribution assesses the diversity of fungi in Egypt. In addition, major groups of fungi are discussed briefly to highlight the extent of their diversity, followed by examples of habitats that are unique and deserve greater attention.

These data show that the present contribution is a preliminary one concerning the diversity of Egyptian fungi, and therefore this summation is intended to enhance our knowledge of, and stimulate research into, the fungi of Egypt.

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Total recorded species

After the omission of duplicate names, name correction, allowance for synonyms and taxonomic assignments of all reported taxa from Egypt, the number of the Egyptian fungi recorded is 2 420 taxa belonging to 760 genera.

At the generic level, some genera exhibit an extraordinary high species richness such as Aspergillus (100 spp.) and Penicillium (83). Other genera show moderate richness such as Chaetomium (53 spp.), Fusarium (49), Puccinia (41), Pythium (30) and Alternaria (27).

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